Widget improvements & better tracking system 📈

Hi everyone 👋

As you know, you can track any visits and conversions on our registration and company pages. However, until today, tracking wasn't possible for embedded widgets, due to some structural limitations. Fortunately, that's no longer the case!

We made significant improvements on our registration and company widgets. So if you're using your own landing page and handling registrations through our widget, this update is for you! 😃

From now on:

  • The number of visits on your registration widget will be also tracked on your webinar dashboard.
  • Any custom code you've added will be applied to the registration and company widgets. This will help if you'd like to track conversions by using pixels 👉 How to track conversions on Livestorm?
  • Registration events coming from the widgets will be also sent to Google Analytics thanks to our native integration. This means that you'll be able to display and track registration events and visits straight from your Google Analytics dashboard 👉 Integrating Google Analytics with Livestorm

Happy tracking 🔎

The Livestorm team