Livestorm updates
Livestorm updates

Make Your Polls More Visible to Your Attendees!




Not getting a lot of responses on your polls? You can now make your polls appear as a modal in the middle of your event room by making them mandatory. To do this, simply select the new “mandatory poll” checkbox when you create a poll.

For more information on setting up your polls, check out this Help Center article.

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RTMP Ingestion is Now Available to Enterprise Customers!




RTMP ingestion, previously available only in private beta, is now available publicly to all enterprise customers! RTMP, which stands for Real-Time Messaging Protocol, delivers content from an encoder (such as OBS and XSplit) to an online Livestorm event session - that’s the “ingestion” part of it.

Enterprise workspaces will be able to enable RTMP Ingestion for their events by going to the event’s Video Settings (located under Settings) and turning on the toggle located under ‘Streaming source’. By enabling RTMP ingestion on your account, you will be able to take your external video streaming setup and display it on Livestorm.

This means that you will be able to give your audience full HD video resolution (up to 1080p) with very low latency (~5s). If you use professional audio and video production setups for your webinars, this feature will be particularly interesting to you.

For more information and setup instructions on RTMP ingestion, check out this Help Center article.


You Can Now Register Your Contacts using HubSpot Forms without Code!




While we have a solution that will allow you to register your Livestorm contacts via a HubSpot form using code, we also wanted to provide you with a code-free option to make life easier!

Where can you find this?

This action has to be created from your HubSpot account under “Workflows”.

How can you use it?

  1. From within the HubSpot workflow of your choice, start with the "Submit a form" step.
  2. Then add the “Create Livestorm Registrant” action from the “Choose an action” list.

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We’ve Changed the Colors of the Event Room




You may have noticed that some of the colors in the event room have changed. We did this to improve accessibility and user experience, but you can change them at any time to match yours! Simply install the Custom Design app to do this.

Keep Track of Time with the Timer App!




The thing about time is that it can easily slip away if we’re not watching the clock. That’s why our team is pleased to present to you the Timer app, which was conceived by one of the winners of our 2021 Hackathon, Percyval Masuku! This app will allow you to effortlessly track and manage time for your events whether you’re running webinars, large events, or live collaboration meetings.

Where can you find this?

The Timer app can be found in the App marketplace or by searching for it via the "Install more" shortcut on your Apps menu. Enable the plugin with one click to use it across all your events.

How can you use it?

Once you've enabled the Timer plugin, you'll be able to access it via the Apps menu of your event room to open it up on the sidebar. You can also minimize the sidebar in order to see the timer as a popup over the video stream.

From there, you can do a number of things:

  • Set the timer for your event
  • Adjust the visibility of the timer for your guest speaker(s) and participants
  • Add music that would play when the timer starts
  • Add to, subtract from, start, or pause your timer

For help with this app, check out this Help Center article.


Check Out Our New Partner Integration by Gusto!




We’re pleased to announce a new integration built by our partner Gusto, an all-in-one platform for payroll, benefits, hiring, and HR that makes onboarding a breeze! This integration will allow you to connect Livestorm to your Gusto account.

Each time an employee who matches a specific set of criteria has been onboarded on Gusto, they will automatically get added to your Livestorm account. Inversely, when an employee leaves the organization, they will automatically be removed from Livestorm.

Where can you find this?

The Livestorm integration built by Gusto can be found here in their App Directory. Enable and configure this from your Gusto account to use it on Livestorm!

How can you use it?

Provisioning access through Gusto will require a Complete plan or higher (on your Gusto account). You can find the full instructions in their help article.


Marketo is Now Available as a Native Integration!




We’re excited to launch version 1 of our Marketo native integration, which has been requested by many of you! This native integration means that you will be able to connect Marketo directly to Livestorm without the need for additional tools.

What can you do with the Marketo native integration v1?

Marketo is a marketing automation and lead generation platform designed to help businesses manage personalized marketing programs and campaigns.

With this native integration, you will be able to send your contact’s data directly to Marketo after an action has occurred on Livestorm. This native integration saves you the step of manually exporting data from Livestorm to import to Marketo.

Version 1.0 allows you to track 3 program member statuses:

  1. When someone registers for your event
  2. When someone has or hasn’t attended your event
  3. When someone has watched a replay of your on-demand event

How can you use the Marketo native integration v1?

To use this integration with Livestorm, you will need to:

  1. First create an API user in Marketo then a new launchpoint
  2. Get your Marketo Client ID and Client Secret from your launchpoint
  3. Get your Marketo Account ID (found in Web Services)
  4. Activate the Marketo native integration via our App marketplace
  5. Link a Livestorm event to a Marketo program

If you need help with this integration, check out this article to help you connect Marketo and Livestorm and this article to register participants from a Marketo form.

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Check Out Our New Partner App by Beekast!




We're pleased to announce the release of an app built by our partners at Beekast! This app will allow you and your team members to share an interactive Beekast session with your audience directly through your Livestorm stream. This will allow your audience to engage in various activities like slide sharing, voting, trying widgets, and more!

Where can you find this?

The Beekast partner app can be found in the App marketplace or by searching for it via the "Install more" shortcut on your Apps menu. Enable the app with one click to use it across all your events.

How can you use it?

Once you've enabled the Beekast app on Livestorm, you'll be able to access it via the Apps menu of your event room. When the app’s side panel opens, fill in the URL of the Beekast session (obtained from your Beekast account) that you want to share. Click on “Share with participants” and enjoy the engaging event with your audience!

Beekast plugin app.jpg

Start Events Faster With the Reduced Countdown!




We heard that the 10-second countdown for starting an event can take too much time. That said, we’ve reduced this to 3 seconds to help you jump on events faster!

3s countdown.jpg

For One-Click Registration and Room Access, Try Google Connect!




Are you looking to reduce registration drop-off rates? Or perhaps you're using Livestorm for meetings and want your attendees to join the room more easily? In continuing to make the registration process and room access more fluid for you and your registrants, we’re excited to announce that Google Connect is now available!

How do you use Google Connect on Livestorm?

Google Connect will be enabled by default on all your events and your registrants will see a “Connect with Google” button on your registration page. If you want to disable it, simply navigate to the Settings of the event of your choice, go to Registration, and uncheck the box under Advanced settings that says "Allow participants to connect with Google".

Note: a G Suite account is required in order to connect using Google Connect.

Registration instructions and a complete user guide for event attendees can be found in this Help Center article.

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