New status page

Hi there!

We have released a new status page: ❇️

This will allow you to access the health of our platform in real time and to be kept in the loop faster about planned maintenance ⛑

Thus, do not hesitate to subscribe to our email updates by clicking on the subscribe button of this page 💌

Please reach out to us if you have any questions!

Data Exports: Faster and stronger

We have improved the way you can export people data on your webinars.

We know that many of our customers depend on our data exports because it allows them to measure an awful lot of metrics 📊Livestorm allows you to export participants 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧, chat messages👩‍💻and questions ✋and it used to take a little bit of time when you had a lot of participants 😅

Now, even when you have a great number of registrants, the export will take a few minutes so that you can quickly jump on analyzing your people data 🕵️‍♂️

Hear only what matters the most

We have improved the way notifications work inside a webinar room for attendees 📣

Livestorm used to send a notification sound for 👏 Every 👏 Single 👏 Chat message, question, and poll that was sent. For large events, this could get overwhelming and become a distraction very quickly.

So we made the following changes to the notification system for attendees:

📩 Attendees will be notified only once for the chat messages and questions tabs, regardless of the amount of activity occurring on each tab

🔕 You will not receive any notification sound for the tab you are currently viewing (since you already know what is going on)

🔔 Each new poll will always have a new sound notification

Note that as a host team member you will still receive all the sound notifications. Bear in mind that you can always disable them by clicking on the 🔔 bell icon in the webinar room.

Tip: If you keep notification sounds on when on stage, make sure to wear a headset so that your microphone won't pick up the sounds.

Improved team members management for recurring webinars

In this update, we’ve redefined the way that team members are assigned to webinars.🤸‍♀️This improvement makes your recurring webinars easier to manage and schedule.

You can now assign team members to specific webinar sessions by directly editing the sessions.

image (3).png

Changing the team member is easy! Just click on the edit button of a session. 😎

Team up for your meetings!

We have great news for our Livestorm Meet users!🎁

Team members who could not previously access Meet have a new role called “Moderator.” This free upgrade will help your team take a more active role in your meetings!

Moderators can:

🙌Access the Livestorm Meet dashboard (but they won’t be able to create or edit meeting rooms)

🚀Join your meeting rooms

Coming up are our Scheduled Meetings. You'll be able to schedule meetings in advance, enable recordings, integrate with your Calendly account, and much more! Sign up to try the beta version here.

New countdown feature

Take a deep breath before going Live! When starting a webinar, a countdown will appear, letting you and other team members in the green room know when the webinar will start without surprising anyone. With this new feature you will be able to:

  • 💁‍♀️Take a moment to compose yourself;
  • 🕺Let other team members know the webinar is about to start;
  • 😁Practice your smile.


Test your connection before you go live!

Our latest update lets you check if your setup meets Livestorm’s technical requirements.

You can now test your browser compatibility, seeing if Livestorm has access to your camera and microphone. It will let you know the expected audio and video quality, based on your connection speed.


With this update you’ll see your compatibility, connectivity and quality levels before you begin to stream. This should help to avoid any surprises while streaming, and allow you to troubleshoot if you find any issues.

For more information on this update, you can read our help docs where we explain it in more detail. Or, you can test it out yourself.

Happy streaming!

Date variable in emails

Our latest update was highly requested, and we're thrilled to deliver!

You can now add the session date to your emails with a new variable: Webinar date.

Before, when you created a custom email from scratch or when you edited a default email, you weren't able to insert the session date.

Now, simply insert the variable to add the date and time of your webinar session.


Want to learn more? We go into detail in our help docs.

Microsoft Edge 17+ Compatibility

You can now use Microsoft Edge 17 to go on stage, host webinars and attend meetings on Livestorm 🎉

The compatibility mode will no longer apply to Microsoft Edge 17 and up, as our streaming technology now supports Edge natively 🙌

The streaming will be real-time, so there won’t be any 10-second delays. Bear in mind, that Edge does not support screen sharing. So you won’t be able to screen share due to browser limitations. For versions older than 17, our classic compatibility mode will still work. Feel free to check out our technical requirements for more information.

We hope you’ll find this update useful!

Greater flexibility for your emails

Options for email signatures

This week's update gives you more control over your email signatures. Sometimes your webinars might have multiple team members involved. You can now select the team member that will be used for the email signature (by default it will be the webinar’s creator). Or, you can select to have no signature. Check out a detailed explanation of this process here.

email signature.png

Add a dial-in code to custom emails

It is now an option to add your webinar's dial-in information to Livestorm custom emails. Your attendees will be able to view the number and code before entering the webinar room.

Attendees can know the number to call in advance in case they have any hiccups in the viewing process. For more on dial in check out our help docs.

dial-in info.png

With these new features you'll have greater flexibility with your emails. We have some more neat things in the works, so stay tuned for our next update!