Livestorm updates
Livestorm updates

Marketo Is Now Available as a Native Integration!




Do you use Marketo for your personalized marketing programs and campaigns? Then we have some exciting news for you, as our Marketo native integration is out of beta! This native integration enables you to connect Marketo directly to Livestorm without needing additional tools.

With this native integration, you can benefit from:

  • A seamless registration process: use Livestorm’s landing pages or your own Marketo forms for your participants’ registration for single and recurring events.
  • Flexibility: Select which Marketo programs your Livestorm events to sync with.

Activate it today in our App marketplace!

For detailed instructions on how to set up and use Marketo on Livestorm, check out this article from our Help Center.

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Boost Collaboration And Productivity During Your Events!




We’re excited to share that Mural App is now available on Livestorm! Mural App is a digital whiteboard that empowers you to connect and engage your participants during online events.

The Power of a Digital Whiteboard

Combining Mural App and Livestorm enables you to:

  • Enjoy an interactive whiteboard for you and your participants, directly in your event room.
  • Create productive brainstorming sessions and workshops where you collaborate with your team.
  • Facilitate hands-on and engaging meetings with your clients.

Take collaboration and productivity to the next level and activate Mural App with just one click here.

For further information, check out our help center.


Embed Your PowerPoint Directly In Your Event Room!




Switching window and screen sharing troubles are now in the past, as we are glad to announce that our PowerPoint embedding feature (beta) is now available!

PowerPoint embedding enables speakers and Livestorm team members to share, and move along their presentations while showcasing their slide animations.

Embed your PowerPoint in your event room allows you to:

  • Keep engaging with your participants as you stay in the event room at all times.
  • Enjoy a seamless presentation where you only need Livestorm during your event.
  • Provide a better event experience to your audience and reduce the risk of troubleshooting during your presentation.

Currently available in beta, PowerPoint embedding is available for our Enterprise customers. For further information, please check out our help center article.


Make Inclusive and Collaborative Events with Our Screen-Sharing and Display Improvements




We're excited to announce some new updates to our screen-sharing feature! You'll now see an improved layout when someone is sharing their screen, making it easier to follow along. The active speaker stream will also be constantly updated, so you never lose track of the conversation.

Additionally, you'll be able to easily manage display changes that only affect your personal view of the room. This includes adjusting the size of minimized video streams or zooming in on the active speaker if you need to focus on something specific. And if you need to concentrate, you can even hide streams for personal focus.

Finally, our "Picture-in-picture" mode is now available on Chrome browser, which allows you to multitask and keep an eye on your event while sharing your screen.

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Outlook Calendar Integration (Beta) Is Now Available!




We're excited to announce the release of our Outlook Calendar Integration in beta. This integration allows you to create and manage online events directly from your Outlook calendar, and have them fully synced with Livestorm.

But that's not all - this integration unlocks all the power of Livestorm for your online meetings, enabling you to:

  • Organize productive meetings: Whether live or async, boost your participants’ collaboration with replays, transcripts, and our engagement features.
  • Maximize attendance and conversion rate: Offer your participants the best meeting experience with automated email cadences, custom branding and content.
  • Provide accessible yet safe meetings: Participants can join instantly from any device with a unique access link.
  • Capture actionable insights: Collect participants’ information and connect them to your own stack, from your CRM to other marketing integrations.

Upgrade your meeting game with Livestorm and Outlook Calendar Integration today and activate the integration now by clicking here.

Find out additional details in our help center article.


New Navigation Bar On Livestorm!




We are thrilled to announce an updated version of the Livestorm navigation bar on your dashboard, which we believe will enhance your user experience.

This new update includes visual improvements to streamline your navigation and make it even easier for you and your team to use Livestorm.

We hope these enhancements will make your experience with Livestorm more seamless and enjoyable, and don’t hesitate to share your feedback with our support team.

Monitor Registrants Right From Your Event Room!




We are excited to introduce a new feature in your event room - the Registered section in the people list. This feature enables you to track which registrants have not yet joined your event.

By keeping track of who is in your event room, you can ensure a more successful event with higher attendance. This can also improve the experience for your participants, as you can easily spot registrants who may need assistance joining the event.

After your event, you can use this feature to identify no-shows and follow up with them more effectively.

Don't hesitate to contact our support team if you have any questions.


Brand New Lobby Coming up!




Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing our new lobby. With this new lobby, you can optimize your attendance rate and participants’ information collection by:

  • Offering your participants a great experience as they can join your event in as little as 20 seconds
  • Simplifying the access to your room with one unique access link that your participants can share
  • Defining the information you want to collect about your participants before your event starts

We will be gradually rolling out our new lobby over the next two weeks.

Once activated on your account, the new lobby will be available to you and all your attendees when they join your online event room.

For detailed instructions on how the new lobby works, check out our Help Center article.


Bye-bye Cookies Banner!




Your participants’ experience on your company and registration pages just got better, as they are now cookies banner free!

Respecting data privacy and confidentiality is one of our top priorities at Livestorm, which is why we removed cookies on your enterprise and registration pages.

Note that if you use Custom Code or integrations with cookies, such as Google Analytics, on your registration and company pages, your company is responsible for displaying cookies notices.

Don’t hesitate to contact our support team if you have any questions.

Our Salesforce Integration just got better!




Boost your conversion rate with the new version of our Salesforce Integration. This integration is now equipped with custom fields mapping and is available for all Livestorm Enterprise users.

Connect your Livestorm and Salesforce accounts to benefit from all the advantages below:

  • Save time and optimize your campaign creations on Salesforce
  • Collect and sync your leads' information on both Livestorm and Salesforce

Where can you find it?

Activate this integration on your Livestorm workspace by completing this form. We will shortly be in touch to guide you through the setups.

Note that this integration is only available to customers on our Enterprise plan. For further guidance, don’t hesitate to check out our help center.

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