Livestorm updates
Livestorm updates

Streamline Your Lead Management with Our New Salesforce v1 Native Integration 🚀




After much behind-the-scenes work, we are excited to announce the release of our Salesforce v1 native integration which will help you streamline your lead generation and qualification processes! A native integration means that you will be able to connect Salesforce directly to Livestorm without the need for additional tools.

What can you do with this native integration? 🤔

  • Create a new Lead object in Salesforce for each new registrant on your Livestorm event.
  • Choose whether you would like to create a new Campaign object in Salesforce for every new Livestorm event session.
  • Choose whether you would like to assign a new registrant as a Campaign Member in Salesforce. This will link them to the Campaign they registered for and give you an overview of all your registrants per event. Note that for this v1 integration, assigning registrants as Campaign Members cannot be done for registrants who are already Leads in Salesforce.
  • Once Campaign Members are created, they will automatically be updated with attendance and engagement information when an event ends. This will allow you to qualify, score, and nurture your Campaign Members accordingly. These insights per event/registrant will also let you analyze the impact of your Livestorm events if new Salesforce Oppositions are created/won following an event.

Not bad for a v1 launch, right? This native integration will only get better, so stay tuned for updates!

👉 For detailed information on how to set up Salesforce on Livestorm, check out this article from our Help Center.


Introducing People Attributes for Simpler Management of Registration Fields 👥




Our team has been working hard to simplify the management of your registration fields. That said, we're pleased to introduce a new section within your workspace's account settings called People attributes!

The People attributes section will allow you to manage all your default and custom attributes for your registration forms, in one place, at the workspace level. This means that you will:

  • Save time by no longer needing to create, edit, or delete these attributes for every individual event. (Of course, adding or removing the registration fields of individual events is still possible.)
  • See more data points at a glance in the People tab, as the custom people attributes added by you will automatically appear there. The data of your existing contacts will update automatically based on their most recent registration form submission.

👉 For more information on how to use People attributes, check out this Help Center article!


Introducing New Usage-Based Pricing for Greater Flexibility and Savings 🤩




Today, our team is excited to introduce a new usage-based pricing plan that offers you more flexibility and economies of scale! This plan is available immediately to new and existing Enterprise customers who wish to move to the new pricing and starts at 1,500 active contacts per month.

This usage-based billing means that you will only be paying per active contact on your Livestorm account each month! Need more information? We've anticipated your questions below:

  • 🤔 What is an active contact? An active contact is a unique person (external registrant or team member) who has registered for or joined one of your Livestorm events. These individuals are added up on a monthly basis.

  • 💪 Why is this plan more flexible? This new Enterprise pricing plan means that you'll be able to have unlimited hosts for your team! Foster collaboration by inviting all your team members across departments without any additional cost. Benefit as well from more flexibility and only pay depending on your total active contacts per month. Unlike our previous pricing plan, you can go up to as many as 3,000 live attendees without add-on charges!

  • 🚀 Want to upgrade to Enterprise now? If you want to upgrade or have questions about this new usage-based plan, we invite you to contact our Sales team!

  • 🤝 Already an Enterprise customer? If you already have a Livestorm Enterprise account, then you can contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to switch plans! If you prefer to keep your existing pricing plan, you can do that too.

Still not sure about whether you should switch? Contact our Sales team for more details!


¿Hablas español? Your Dashboard is Now Available in Spanish 🇪🇸




Do you like working in Spanish? We're excited to announce that the Livestorm dashboard is now available in español for our growing number of Spanish-speaking users. ¡Te invitamos a descubrirlo!

👉 To toggle the language of your dashboard, simply navigate to My Settings and select from either English, French, or Spanish from the drop-down menu.


Introducing Livestorm Ideas for All Your Brightest Ideas 💡




How would you shape Livestorm if we handed you the mic? Our team is thrilled to introduce you to Livestorm Ideas, a dedicated portal that puts the evolution of our platform in your hands!

What can you do on

  • Vote for your favorite general, room, and integration features
  • Submit your very own product ideas
  • See all available private beta features and request access

👉 Your feedback is very valuable to us. To show you what we mean, our Co-Founder and CPO Robin Lambert wrote this post to explain how we use customer feedback to build a better product! For more information on Livestorm Ideas, check out this article from our Help Center.


New Zapier Connector v2.1 to Support More Use Cases 💪




Our Zapier connector just enjoyed some improvements and we're pleased to present you with Zapier v2.1 for your Livestorm account! We strongly recommend that you update to this latest version to start taking advantage of the new triggers and actions, all of which will help support more meetings- and events-related use cases!

New triggers ⚡️

  1. Be notified when someone attends a meeting
  2. Be notified when someone doesn't attend a meeting

New actions 🎬

  1. Create a new or copy an existing event
  2. Schedule a new event session
  3. Reschedule an event session
  4. Unregister participants
  5. Cancel a session
  6. Edit the settings of an event
  7. Remove an event and all of its sessions

👉 For more information on getting Zapier set up and a full list of triggers and actions, check out this article from our Help Center.


Enterprise Accounts Can Host up to 3,000 Live Attendees 👥




Our 3,000 live attendees add-on is out of beta! If you have a Livestorm enterprise account - an account with 5 licenses or more - you can now upgrade to accommodate up to 3,000 live attendees. This means you can host bigger events to reach more people at once!

  • Already have an enterprise account? Simply contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) or message the team at to purchase this add-on!

  • Want to upgrade from premium to enterprise? We invite you to contact to level up your Livestorm account!

👉 For more information on plans and pricing, check out this article in our Help Center.


Up to 16 People Can Now Speak Simultaneously During Events 🗣️





Following our update in May, we heard that you wanted more than 12 speakers. That said, we are pleased to announce that the number of participants allowed to speak simultaneously has increased from 12 to 16 for Events! You will find this particularly useful if you're hosting a larger panel discussion, brainstorming session, team meeting, or interactive presentation.

With all these speakers, make sure you set your speaking permissions to best suit your use case. This can be done in two ways:

👉 If you need help with inviting people to speak, you can also check out this article from our Help Center! Note that this update does not apply to Instant Meetings.


Increase of the media sharing limit to 4GB





Do you need to share videos or heavy PDFs with your audience? Good news, we’ve increased the media sharing limit from 2GB to 4GB for PDF and MP4.

You can now share files with your audience in top quality!

👉 To see how to share files on Livestorm, simply check out this article.

The Light Registration Page Just Got Lighter 🪶





To give your registrants the most seamless process possible, we've revamped the light registration page to make it even lighter! From now on, a registrant will be asked only for their email address upon signing up (i.e. if they're new to your event) or signing in (i.e. if they're already registered). This simplified workflow applies to everyone, whether you're a team member, guest speaker, or attendee.

Additional details or fields will then be displayed only as needed:

  • Team members will be asked to log in to their Livestorm account.
  • New attendees will be asked to fill out their name and select an avatar (optional).
  • Registered attendees will be asked if they want the access link resent to them.