Improved Text Editor & Norwegian support πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄

Features & Improvements:

We're excited to introduce our improved text editorπŸŽ‰ This means further styling options and more branding for your registration pages! Here are some highlights on what's new and improved:

  • Image upload: This feature just got a lot easier. You can now add images directly from your computer, you won't need to use image hosting any more πŸ˜‰

  • Video embed: You can add videos to your registration pages! πŸŽ₯

  • Custom code: You can add HTML code to your page via our text editor by clicking on "Source". πŸ’‘ Pro tip: You can even add script tags πŸ‘

  • New language: Norwegian is now available as a language. You can select it in your webinar settings. The language will apply to the webinar room, landing page and notification emails. Feel free to reach out to us at if you'd like to make a new language request πŸ˜‰

Bug Fixes:

Polls: We've fixed some minor issues with the polls in the webinar room. Your draft polls will no longer be unselected when you search for a poll. Company widget: We've fixed the display issue of the company widget. Now we'll only show what you've filtered to display as your upcoming events. Your visitors will no longer see the option to reset the filters.

Email variables & Poll improvements

Livestorm Holiday Special πŸŽ…πŸΌ

The end of 2017 is upon us, but we've kept ourselves busy with new features and bug fixes before calling it a year! You can read all about our Christmas release in our dedicated blog post. Here's a quick recap:

Email variables

You can now add email variables to your custom emails! We were well aware of the need for a better UX, so we're just happy to make this happen! We've used the Liquid template language to develop this feature, and we'll keep adding more variables further down the road πŸ‘Œ

Poll improvements

Duplicate polls

Before, you had to re-create the same polls over and over again which was a waste of time. We've shipped a new feature that'll allow you to reuse polls from previous sessions. We'll display your previous polls as drafts so you can add them to your next session in one click.

Easier display of poll answers

In order to display the poll answers you had to filter your event with a session before. This is no longer necessary! Use active columns (on your People dashboard) to select and display this data as you wish.

Happy holidays!

The Livestorm team πŸŽ„

New Features & Improvements


Webinar room: Edit an answer πŸ–

Have a typo in your answer? No problem, you can now edit your answers. Just click on the three dots next to the question and choose "Edit answer":

New language: Swedish πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ

That's right, you can now host your events in Swedish!

You can select it from the language dropdown in your webinar settings. The changes will apply to your landing page, webinar room and notification emails.

Bug fixes:

  • Registration page: Improved dropdown to select a session of your recurring event.
  • Webinar dashboard: Custom registration fields are available for display and export again.
  • Webinar room: Many bug fixes and improvements for the webinar room sidebar (especially the chat).

Also, don't forget to check out our brand new product roadmap to upvote features and submit new ideas. Your feedback helps us improve Livestorm every day. Thank you!

Happy webinars,

The Livestorm team πŸš€

Recurring Events

Today we're excited to introduce Livestorm V2 along with our newest features and improvements! You can read all about it in our dedicated blog post, but here's a quick recap:

Recurring Events πŸŽ‰

From now on, you can create recurring events in Livestorm! No more going back and forth duplicating your webinars. Schedule multiple sessions for your event in one sitting.

If you host weekly demos like us, this is the feature for you πŸ––

Check out our documentation to learn more about this feature.

We'll be hosting a quick demo of 15 mins every Wednesday to walk you through this new feature. Register for our upcoming session here.

Zapier Update πŸ”Ž

We also redesigned parts of our Zapier integration to fit the new recurring events. You can now create new registrations with the custom fields that you added in your webinar form.

🚨 If you have a Livestorm-Zapier integration, please update your Zaps now.

Mute Notifications πŸ””

Engaging webinars often have a lot of messages, questions, polls- resulting in a lot of notification sounds. That may get a bit distracting πŸ€“

In order to really focus on your presentation, you can mute the notification sounds in the webinar room.

New Languages 🌍

We've added two new languages to Livestorm: Dutch and Polish. You can select them in your webinar settings (under Timezone & Language).

Improved Data Export (XLSX & ODS) πŸš€

Last but not least, you can now export your webinar data as XLSX and ODS, in addition to the good ol' CSV.

Feel free to reach out to us at for any issues or questions.

Happy webinars πŸ‘‹

The Livestorm team

Taler du dansk? πŸ‡©πŸ‡°

Danish is now available as a language! You can select it in your webinar settings (under "Timezone & Language"):

The changes will apply to the webinar room, landing page and notification emails.

Please contact us if you find any spelling mistakes.

Happy webinars,

The Livestorm team πŸš€

P.S. We'd like to thank Mikael Rieck from for making it happen!

New language: Korean πŸ‡°πŸ‡·

You can now host webinars in Korean! Just set your language in the webinar settings πŸ‘‡

That’s it! The changes will apply to your webinar room, landing page and notification emails.

Happy webinars!

The Livestorm team πŸŽ‰

Custom Subject Line & New Billing System

Small update before the end of the summer and our next big release in September...

Email improvements: Custom Subject email

You can now customize your email subject in the confirmation, reminder and follow up emails. Great for A/B testing!

New billing system: Pay with credit card or bank transfer

We have implemented a new billing system. Now you can pay using your credit card or bank transfer using GoCardless.

New webinar language

We now support Russian for the webinar translations, "Davai!" πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί

Bug fixes

  • We solved a bug in the webinar room. Some devices had video artifacts on the stream. This has been fixed.
  • The Google Calendar link has been fixed.
  • The Twitter in the emails link has been fixed.

Misc Fixes & Chat Link Unfurling

Misc fixes

This week we have shipped a bunch of bug fixes here are the most importants. The main one was impacting the media upload. Some of the media were not processed after being uploaded. This has been fixed.

Also, the GA integration has also been fixed, some of you were not getting the GA tag on your landing pages.

Link Unfurling

This is a quick nice improvement on our live chat. We parse most of the links and send a preview. Just like on Slack, it can be a website or YouTube videos, Soundcloud songs, GIFs etc.

Integrations V2 & Room Improvements

We have released a new integrations page with new apps to connect your webinars with:

Here's the updated list of our integrations:

  • Hubspot V2
  • Pipedrive V2
  • Slack
  • Drift
  • Help Scout
  • Google Analytics
  • Custom Code

To get a detailed documentation on each one of them we suggest you take a look at our documentation. We have detailed the entire process and the workflow.

But we did not stop there. We are marketing automation geeks: we wanted you to be able to trigger automatically specific actions based on certain events. This is why we added automation rules to our integrations:

Order Questions & Fixes

You are now able to order questions from your attendees by Date, Status (answered or not) and **Upvotes. This is useful to find the most recent or demanded question:

We have also fixed a ton of bugs, mostly related to admin rights and media uploads.

Compatibility & Live Experience

Compatibility Issues

We have tested Livestorm on multiple browsers, OS and devices and made sure that:

  • Attendees with old and unknown browsers versions will be redirected to a warning page asking to update their browser or use another one.
  • Attendees with browsers running on acceptable versions will still have access to the room but prompted to update their browser to the latest for a better experience.

Note that environmental issues like hardware, bandwidth or stability can still happen.

Also, we fixed several bugs on older versions of Chrome and Firefox.

Green Room: Hardware Detection and Settings

Now, when entering on stage, you will be asked to check your webcam and audio.

Also, you can change these settings anytime during a webinar to change video/audio sources.

Private Questions

Last but not least, you now can change your Q&A settings to private. Meaning that attendees will be able to send questions to the host and moderators only. Other attendees won't see the question.

To activate it: webinar settings > privacy > check the box.

No published changelogs yet.

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