Webinar settings makeover & feature improvements

As we wrap up July, we're happy to announce a bunch of improvements with our newest update ☀️ Here's a quick summary:

Webinar settings makeover

Our webinar settings got a complete makeover 💅 Our new settings page comes with a cleaner view, and provides an easier navigation. No more scrolling down while setting up your webinar!

Oh, and we will be making further improvements in the upcoming weeks, it's still a work in progress 😎

Replay direct download

From now on, you'll be able to download your replay directly from your webinar room. You'll see the download button at the top right corner of your replay once the webinar is over. Please bear in mind that this option will only be available to you - the host 🔎

New country number for dial-in: Germany

We've added a new number for our dial-in feature. Your attendees will be able to listen to your event by calling a German number 🇩🇪

Optional custom consent

As of this update, you'll be able to make your custom consents optional. To learn more about custom consents and how to add them to your registration form, take a look at our dedicated article in our support center 🙌

Bug fixes:

We've deployed a couple of fixes regarding the Youtube and PDF upload in the webinar room. We've also pushed a lot of quality updates (as always).

Next upcoming:

  • Pipedrive integration fix for creating a deal
  • Registrant export fix & improvement (for large-scale events)

Ping us in the chat, or shoot us an email at hello@livestorm.co for any questions or feedback 💭


The Livestorm team 🚀