Push to talk is now live

Sometimes, you probably find it useful to have your microphone muted while you're on stage. Whether it's to quickly clarify something with a teammate or reduce outside noise, our mute feature is a great tool.

In this update we took this feature one step further. Now if you are on stage and your microphone is muted, you can press and hold the "M" key on your keyboard to unmute your mic.

This works by holding down the "M" key until you are finished speaking. Meaning that while you are pressing "M" your audience can hear you, and as soon as you release it you will go back to being muted.

Push to talk won't work if you are on another browser tab or in a different application. It also will not work if you are writing in the Chat tab of your webinar room.

push to talk M.png

Push to talk can be used both for your webinars and for Livestorm Meet. It is a neat little feature that should help to make your transitions smoother. We hope you like using it as much as we liked making it. 😁