Livestorm updates
Livestorm updates

Now You Can Register Contacts to Livestorm with a HubSpot Form 👥




A few of you have expressed the need to register contacts to your Livestorm events directly via a HubSpot form and we're pleased to announce that your wish is our command! In addition, you can now manage your Livestorm event emails through HubSpot. You will find this workflow useful if you're using HubSpot as the single source of truth for your data.

All this can be set up on your HubSpot account under Workflows, which is found under Automations, using the code that we've prepared for you! Once you've done the initial setup, you'll merely need to duplicate your workflow and change the form and session that you want to connect.

👉 For step-by-step instructions to connect a HubSpot form to a Livestorm event (and manage your event emails through HubSpot), check out this Help Center article.

Register People from Hubspot form.jpg