New infrastructure, enhanced exports, fixes

New back-end infrastructure

Over the weekend, we've migrated our new back-end infrastructure. This has been a crucial step as we get ready to relesase our team-wide accounts feature this year. But this is only a part of this new update. We've also pushed a good deal of improvements and fixes. We've also updated our font in our app and website for better readability 🤓

New export system

We've made drastic changes to our export system. We've introduced new options to further customize your exports and give you more data. For better reliability, we've implemented a new system so that you'll receive your exports by email. This will also fix any past export issues for large scale events.

From now on, you can choose between exporting data belonging to a specific session or all sessions. You can export all columns, or only selected columns. You can also choose to include enriched data or not in your exports.

So it's really up to you to customize your exports! You have complete control 💪

Export your questions and chat

In addition to exporting your registrant data, you'll now be able to export the chat messages and questions of your webinar directly 😎 Just like exporting registrants, click Export and choose Chat messages or Questions.


Some of you have been requesting this feature for some time now, so we're very happy to deliver!

Pipedrive integration fix for creating a deal

We've fixed the "create a deal" issue for our Pipedrive integration for some user accounts. With this update, you should be able to create/update a deal or create an activity on a deal- just like before.

As our new back-end structure is out, we'll be tackling some bigger features coming up this year 🙌


The Livestorm team