New feature: Live answer ✅

We've added a new feature to the Questions tab inside the webinar room. In addition to sending written replies, you can now start live answers to address your participants' questions!

The steps are pretty easy. When you're on stage, just click "Start live answer" button found below any question under the Questions tab.

When you start a live answer, each attendee in the webinar room will get a pop-up containing the question you're answering to.

You and your attendees can also minimize or drag / move the popup. This way it won't get ahead of your presentation 😉

You can end your live answer by clicking on "I'm done answering". This will also generate an automatic written reply stating that you've answered live.

You can always go back and edit that answer as you prefer. For example, this would be useful if you'd like to add any links that you've mentioned during your live answer 👍

We hope you like this update! Also, feel free to check out our documentation to learn more about the webinar room sidebar.

Happy Q&As!

The Livestorm team