More customization, design and room improvements

More customization on registration pages

We know a lot of our customers (maybe you, reading this!) have been asking about this. Having freedom in the design of your webinars' registration pages is important. So we improved customization settings to make it possible 🙌

We've added more customization options, including:

  • Font color, so now you can choose a light background color 👌
  • Customization on webinar button (font color / button color)
  • Instant preview of both your registration page and emails

design settings.png

Webinar room preview

When customizing your webinar room, you'll now get a live preview of how it looks like. This particularly applies to the room's sidebar where you have the people tab, the chat, the questions and polls.

There's a lot of settings you can change there. So we think you'll enjoy being able to instantly see how they affect your webinar's look.

webinar room settings.png

Help popup improvements

We improved the Help popup in the webinar room. This will give better help to participants having issues with the live stream with different steps for troubleshooting.

help final.png

It now displays 3 options:

  • Refresh the page (always useful to try once when having issues with a web app 😉)
  • Compatibility mode (in case the participant's setup can't handle our main stream, they can choose this setting)
  • Dial-in options (this allows them to listen in on the webinar at no cost for them or for you)

New dial-in number

We've added Ireland 🇮🇪 to our list of countries for dial-in. Dial-in is accessible for your attendees via the Help popup inside the webinar room. Feel free to take a look at our documentation to learn more about this feature.

We hope you'll find these updated useful 👋

The Livestorm team