Hear only what matters the most

We have improved the way notifications work inside a webinar room for attendees 📣

Livestorm used to send a notification sound for 👏 Every 👏 Single 👏 Chat message, question, and poll that was sent. For large events, this could get overwhelming and become a distraction very quickly.

So we made the following changes to the notification system for attendees:

📩 Attendees will be notified only once for the chat messages and questions tabs, regardless of the amount of activity occurring on each tab

🔕 You will not receive any notification sound for the tab you are currently viewing (since you already know what is going on)

🔔 Each new poll will always have a new sound notification

Note that as a host team member you will still receive all the sound notifications. Bear in mind that you can always disable them by clicking on the 🔔 bell icon in the webinar room.

Tip: If you keep notification sounds on when on stage, make sure to wear a headset so that your microphone won't pick up the sounds.