Greater flexibility for your emails

Options for email signatures

This week's update gives you more control over your email signatures. Sometimes your webinars might have multiple team members involved. You can now select the team member that will be used for the email signature (by default it will be the webinar’s creator). Or, you can select to have no signature. Check out a detailed explanation of this process here.

email signature.png

Add a dial-in code to custom emails

It is now an option to add your webinar's dial-in information to Livestorm custom emails. Your attendees will be able to view the number and code before entering the webinar room.

Attendees can know the number to call in advance in case they have any hiccups in the viewing process. For more on dial in check out our help docs.

dial-in info.png

With these new features you'll have greater flexibility with your emails. We have some more neat things in the works, so stay tuned for our next update!