Livestorm updates
Livestorm updates

First and Last Name Fields Can Now Be Made Optional for Your Registrants 📇




To help make the registration process more fluid for your registrants and reduce registration/attendance drop-off, we’re pleased to introduce the ability to make the first and last name fields optional. You’ll love this update especially if you run a lot of events with participants who have already registered, such as online classes or reoccurring meetings.

Making the first and last name fields optional is simple!

  1. Go into the Settings of your event
  2. Navigate to Registration
  3. Either deselect the blue checkboxes under “Required” or delete the fields altogether

Tip: if you do a lot of lead nurturing and anticipate mostly net new registrants for your event, we recommend making the first and last name fields mandatory to capture more data!

👉  For more information on how to customize your registration forms, check out this Help Center article.