Livestorm updates
Livestorm updates

Chat Privately with Other Participants Using the Direct Messages Plugin 💬




Ever wanted to chat privately with someone in the room without everyone else seeing your conversation? Introducing our Direct Messages plugin, which will allow any event participant to send a private message to another person!

  • Where can you find this? The Direct Messages plugin can be found in the App marketplace or by searching for it via the "Install more" shortcut on your Apps sidebar. Enable the plugin with one click to use it across all your events.
  • How can you use it? Once you've enabled the plugin, you'll see a new icon at the bottom left-hand corner of your chat tab where you'll be able to use the /dm command to message another person. Alternatively, you can click on the three dots located next to a person's name to send them a private message.

Note on limitations: refreshing your browser will clear all private messages from your chat.

👉 For more information on how to use the Direct Messages plugin, check out this Help Center article.

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