Block a registrant from the dashboard

So far with Livestorm, when you want to remove a participant from your room because they are sending spam or inappropriate messages, you can do so by using the "Kick" button. The button is also useful for teachers who wanted to remove students who arrived late to class.

The "Kick" button removes participants from all events organized from by the workspace, indefinitely.

The old "Kick" button had some drawbacks. It wasn't possible to see within your dashboard who was blocked from your events after being kicked out, and there wasn't a way to unblock users who you wanted to grant access to again (like a tardy student, for example).

This is why we've come up with a new way to manage unwanted attendees.

First, we've renamed the "Kick" button. It is now called "Block". It works as it did before with some additional controls. You can now block and unblock registrants directly from the people tab inside of your dashboard.

In this tab, we will also highlight registrants who are blocked from all of your events.


For more information on how to block or unblock a registrant from the dashboard, read this article from our help docs.